Cass County Additional Answers

STATE REPRESENTATIVE #1 Yes, I support homeschooling without regulations.
DISTRICT 25 Parents have the right to educate their children as they see fit; they should not be ruled by the State.
Franklyn Voorhies
STATE REPRESENTATIVE #1 I support homeschooling.
DISTRICT 25 #2 Be able to pass a common sense test to get their high school diploma. Add, subtract, multiply, tell time, & etc.. Count money – most important.
Maurice Oakel Fuller #5 Threatening parents is non-democratic.
#6 With all the computers kids have today, they are lucky if they can tell time, count change, and etc. What happened to education? On the job training, the best!
#7 I’m all for homeschoolers – save taxpayers a lot of money! Schools spend too much money!
*I’ve talked to people, and they’re concerned their children will miss out on school functions when homeschooled. I totally disagree wiih that statement. I’ve talked to mothers about homeschoolers. They say when am I going to have time to teach my children since I work. A lot of parents don’t want to take any extra time with their children. My suggestion to them is to take time! They want to sit in front of the television, smoke a cigarette, have a beer, and not be bothered.
Something needs to be done since taxpayers are running out of money with increases in property taxes and etc.
STATE REPRESENTATIVE #3 Yes, homeschoolers should be eligible for ESAs.
Heath R. VanNatter