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    The 2022 Indiana General Assembly session has concluded. Daily, the IAHE Action team diligently monitored bills potentially affecting your homeschool freedoms. Here is a look at what occurred during this […]

  • In an attempt to enforce secular values, on July 21, 2021, France instituted severe restrictions on home education. 

    “Homeschooling (IEF) will only be authorized for reasons of health, disability, […]

  • Every year, IAHE Action and our sister organization IAHE, monitor threats to homeschool freedom. There is no better way to describe the challenges of the past year than the opening of Pandora’s Box. While t […]

  • Earlier this month, we let you know about SB 428 targeting homeschool families. On Thursday, January 23, 2020, our team visited with state senators and we were assured that this bill was effectively dead thanks […]

  • This week, Republican Senator Jean Leising introduced SB 428 which specifically targets homeschooling families in Indiana for scrutiny. The bill itself amends the current practice of gathering information on […]

  • The Indiana Association of Home Educators (IAHE) and IAHE Action are grateful for Chalkbeat’s report on the push-out problem in Indiana schools. The most recent data shows a large escalation of what IAHE Action r […]

  • IAHE began this legislative session in January by monitoring 69 bills of concern. By mid-session, we were actively monitoring twenty-one bills with the potential to impact homeschool families, three of which were […]

  • On April 9, 2018 Chalkbeat Indiana posted an article regarding SB 567, a bill to provide oversight to Indiana’s virtual, public school programs. The article referenced Rep. Bob Behning, the Indianapolis […]

  • As we’ve shared here previously, HB 1004 has provisions dealing with mental health issues of high schoolers with virtually no parental protections. And, virtually no penalties if anyone was sloppy with protecting […]

  • UPDATE: Amendment #25 was pulled and rewritten as amendment #27. It was approved by the committee. Thank you for your action to protect parental rights!

    URGENT: Please call your State Senator to support Sen. […]

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    IAHE Action, along with our sister organization IAHE, continues to receive questions about SB266. As we wait with so many of you to see the bill’s status, we thought it would be helpful to share a recap of recent […]

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    Last week, IAHE Action shared about Senate Bill 266 which allows for mental health screening for all children through the age of 22. (Read the original post here.) Based on our conversations with one of the […]

  • Dear Friends,

    Yesterday we saw an uprising on Facebook with a call to action over proposed legislation, SB 266. It’s the kind of bill we worry about every day the General Assembly is in session. You should […]

  • Every year the IAHE and IAHE Action watch as legislators are asked once again to lower the compulsory school age. The 2019 session is no different.

    Currently, in Indiana, the compulsory school age is seven. […]

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    By: Alison Slatter and Bridgette Whitlow-Spurlock

    This year, the Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction has vocally led the charge to lower the compulsory attendance in the state of Indiana. The […]

  • Today is the day!
    IAHE Action is partnering with the makers of Constitution Quest to offer us an amazing opportunity. As you know, IAHE Action has been extremely active this past legislative session protecting […]

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