Register to Vote

As 2016 gets underway it is clear this year’s election cycle is going to be at the forefront of discussion. Fortunately, in our Constitutional Republic, we have the opportunity to elect the people who will be in positions of authority since being able to vote allows us to choose who represents us at the local, state, and national level. For homeschoolers, electing people who support parental rights and homeschooling is crucial to maintaining our freedom to home educate.

Unfortunately, for many people, registering to vote does not occur to them. This is a mistake because without registering you cannot have your voice formally heard at the voting booth.

Perhaps the most famous recent example of the importance of voting was the 2000 U.S. Presidential election. In the end it came down to around 500 votes out of several million cast in Florida. We should be thankful there was a peaceful transition of power from one political party to another. Let’s not forget that hundreds of millions of people today would want to live in a country where they had the opportunity to vote in a free and fair election as well as experience a peaceful transition of power if their favored candidates did not prevail.

With this in mind IAHE Action encourages everyone to register to vote.  BLOG Featured Image_Action Logo Square BW 10.28.15 SMALL

Deadlines and the Easiest Way to Register to Vote

Registration deadlines:

The last day to register to vote in the 2016 Indiana primary is April 4. The primary is the election where you can have the most influence because voter turnout tends to be lower in a primary.

While Indiana’s 2016 primary is on May, 3, there is an option of early voting. By going to your county courthouse you can cast an early vote starting on April 5, 2016. Check your county’s website for more details.

Register to vote on-line:

The following is from the website of the Indiana Secretary of State.

“Register to vote online by visiting IndianaVoters.  Indiana residents with a valid Indiana driver’s license or Indiana state-issued identification card will be able to use this tool to submit a new voter registration application or to update an existing voter registration record.

In addition to registering to vote online, IndianaVoters provides Hoosiers with the ability to validate their voter registration status, find their polling place location, look into their provisional ballot status information, find county contact information, and determine “Who’s on My Ballot?” for an upcoming election.”

In short, let’s exercise our right to vote so our voice will be heard.

Ian Slatter serves on the IAHE Action Government Affairs team and is the Office Manager at the Tindley Preparatory Academy, a charter school near downtown Indianapolis. From 2003 – 2011 he was the Director of Media Relations at Home School Legal Defense Association. While earning his MPA from Regent University, he worked as an assistant/writer at the Weekly Standard. He then moved to Capitol Hill and served as a legislative assistant and, later, communications director for Congressman Mike Pence. Ian and his wife, Alison, live in Greenwood, Indiana and have three children.