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Anonymous #1 (Cincinnati postmark) I would strongly support homeschool children to participate in the local school available arts and sporting activities. This will enable them to interact with other children only if they and their parents wish.
Anonymous #1 (Fort Wayne postmark) *We homeschooled our four children until the youngest got to 7th grade. I support anyone’s decision to homeschool.
Anonymous #2 (Fort Wayne postmark) #2 Parents should always make decisions – unless parent is incapable because of illness, mental health, prior behavior, etc.
Anonymous #3 (Fort Wayne postmark) * As a former parent homeschooler, I feel it is essential that the student’s progress is accounted for – this will ensure that the student finishes compulsory education able to compete with other students.
Anonymous #4 (Fort Wayne postmark) * These are generally good questions. My main thoughts center on homeschooling as a viable and independent option to public school.
Anonymous #5 (Fort Wayne postmark) #6 D. Possibly on extremely basic registration to parent neglect would be wise.
*They need to be enrolled in classes part-time either in person or virtually.
Anonymous #3 (Indianapolis postmark) *All parents should be responsible for educating their children even when they are in public schools!
Anonymous #6 (Indianapolis postmark) *Homeschool is an effective and an alternative positive option for some families subject to certain regulations and oversight by the state to ensure the child is receiving an appropriate education.
Anonymous #7 (Indianapolis postmark) #3 Vouchers and ESAs should be available to those that want them. Optional, but not mandatory.
* I fully support parents being in charge of their child’s education & I support homeschooling.
Anonymous #1 (Suburban, IL postmark) #7 The schools do not receive funding for home school students – that will direct this.