IAHE Action, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) organization that accepts your non-tax-deductible donations.  Your contribution is essential to our efforts.  Partnership through your generous giving to IAHE Action helps to protect parents’ right to choose whichever form of education that they think is best for their child.  When home education rights are protected, all parents’ rights are protected to ensure they are able to make the best educational decisions for their child. This right is foundational for educational freedom.

america in the heartIAHE Action was formed because homeschoolers noticed increased threats to their home education freedom in Indiana and nationwide.  IAHE Action wants to be prepared for any battles that arise that may jeopardize the right for parents to teach their children at home.

Mailing address:
IAHE Action
P.O. Box 80121
Indianapolis, IN 46280

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Donor Testimonial:

“We financially contribute to IAHE Action because its members labor on our behalf to fulfill our God-given responsibilities to parent our precious daughter.

Those responsibilities include not only the transmission of academic knowledge and skills for self-sufficiency, but also, the transmission of foundational moral and religious principles upon which liberty in this country has been built. These are the very truths that define us as human beings, provide us with purpose, hope, value and make liberty possible.

On behalf of our family – Thank you.


JJK Fort Wayne, IN “