Marion County Additional Answers

STATE SENATE #2 and the parents both must be part of a child’s life.
DISTRICT 28 #3 We are taxed enough already!
Jerry Coverstone #4 Read answer provided in attached letter.
#6 I just do not see homeschooling as a realistic option!
#7 The need to get social skills is as important as the learning of math and English!
*I wrote a letter.


STATE SENATE #3 Need to learn more.
John C. Ruckelshaus
STATE REPRESENTATIVE #1 Would like to know if overly regulated now.
DISTRICT 90 #7 Need to understand economics.
Mike Speedy *I would like to welcome homeschoolers to the Statehouse and speak to them elsewhere as available and appropriate.
STATE REPRESENTATIVE * I support homeschool participation with the understanding that participation fees may be significantly higher than fees paid by fully enrolled students.
Douglas J. McNaughton
STATE REPRESENTATIVE *My parents sent me to public schools. I think I would have excelled better if taught at home.
Lawrence B. Shouse