Morgan County Additional Answers

STATE REPRESENTATIVE #3 ESAs are a new concept being implemented in only five states so far, with widely varying programs. I have only begun to learn about the possible benefits of ESAs, but it appears that the homeschooling community rejects such programs in favor of being in total control of their own homeschooling and program delivery. I would not want vouchers or ESAs to place any restrictions on homeschooling. I remain open to learning more details on ESAs and the possible benefit or consequence upon homeschooling options.
DISTRICT 60 #5 One other circumstance that I hear ofter is when the school initiates the process to withdraw the student and encourages the parent to sign off, because the school has failed to educate the child, and the impending student failure will negatively impact graduation rate. While threats are never appropriate, there must be an interest in the success of the child. I simply “do not know” what the answer is.
Peggy Mayfield #7 Homeschool families made a decision that is in the best interest of their child which may eliminate options that public schools offer. However, any school district that allows a non-student to participate in a program, academic, or extra-curricular, with or without a fee, should be able to craft their own policy.