More Federal Strings for Dubious Benefits in Early Childhood Education

IAHE Action is disappointed to learn that Governor Pence has reversed his decision and decided to apply for federal funding to expand early childhood education in Indiana.  Here is Indiana Association of Home Educators (IAHE)’s statement to the Associated Press (AP) about it:  “Given the recent evidence casting doubt on the lasting benefits of early formal academic instruction, we are disappointed Governor Pence has decided to change his position and apply for federal preschool dollars.  This decision will cause the federal government to gain greater control of Hoosier families.”  The entire article may be read here.  BLOG Featured Image_Action Logo Square BW 10.28.15 SMALL

In 2014, IAHE expressed concerns about the use of federal funding for early childhood education during an interim study committee.  IAHE and Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) are concerned that government expansion in this area will pave the way for a lowering of the compulsory school age and for mandatory Pre-K.   You may read testimony that was presented by Alison Slatter, member of the IAHE Government Affairs team, in the attachment:  Final Early Child Ed Testimony  What we knew to be true in 2014, is still true in 2016.

Today HSLDA expressed concern about the continued push for early childhood education.  You may read about their concerns in The Home School Court Report.