IAHE Action Responds to DRAFT School to Prison Pipeline Report

IAHE Action expressed its concern to the Indiana Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights regarding the DRAFT report about the School to Prison Pipeline. It is troubling to see home education scrutinized instead of focusing  on public schools where the problem was created and should be corrected.  Home education should not be used as a way for public schools to remove “problem” students from their school. Homeschooling requires solid parental commitment and motivation to be successful.  It is wholly inappropriate for public schools to encourage families who are uninvolved with their children toward this type of education.



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Balance Needed for School to Prison Pipeline Report

IAHE Action was notified about a hearing last week of the Indiana Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights relative to the School to Prison Pipeline in Indiana. We were told that the panels consisted primarily of public school teachers and administrators from urban schools in Indiana.  It is our understanding that there was concern by some in attendance regarding the lack of balance pertaining to educational options.  BLOG Featured Image_Action Logo Square BW 10.28.15 SMALL

Due to this fact, grave concerns have been expressed regarding the report that will be produced by this committee. The committee members didn’t seem to know the difference between home schools and charter schools. They did point out the “seeming no regulation” of homeschool in Indiana. One advisory committee member asked, “Is the choice movement inhibiting public instruction?” and testimony was provided with statements like, “68% of students who attended charter schools came back to us. We are seeing the fragmentation of the neighborhood school. As we introduced magnet programming, open enrollment protocol to keep from losing students, has caused a problem. We are now moving kids back and forth between programs. I’m losing kids who are losing a community school environment.”  There was no representation from the charter school or homeschool community at this hearing.

IAHE Action knows many families who had children that struggled in public school and have found success with home education. We are hoping that you will share your story with the advisory committee, so that they will have a balanced report. Testimony is due by March 18 and should be sent to mwojnaroski@usccr.gov .


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