Constitution Quest Game Give-away!

IAHE Action is giving away a Constitution Quest game at TONIGHT’s IAHE Facebook Party!  It starts March 17, at 9 p.m. on the IAHE Facebook page.  

IAHE Action’s mission is to defend homeschool freedom in Indiana.  Stop by our booth at the IAHE Convention to learn more about our new organization.  If you don’t win our door prize tonight, you may purchase a game from IAHE Action.  The proceeds will be used to help IAHE Action continue its important work.

Do you remember Government class? Some time in your school career, usually in during middle school, every one has been exposed to the Constitution. How much do you remember? Can you (without google-that’s cheating) name all of the Articles of the Constitution? Maybe recite the Preamble word for word? Can you name five contributors? If the answer is yes, you are among the minority of U.S. citizens.

How can we be diligent in protecting our freedoms if we as a people do not even know what they are? What if we could learn without the grueling process of memorization and the dreaded flash cards? What if we could be engaged and actually retain the knowledge instead of just regurgitating facts for a test? Enter Constitution Quest.

cq full game pic

In 2011 Pam Barnett and her husband developed a game that makes it fun and easy to learn and remember the U.S. Constitution. Anyone can raise their Constitutional IQ in the classroom or at home. Constitution Quest can be adapted to be played by anyone anywhere. Included are instructions for a large classroom setting that can be completed in class period, for small groups in the home education setting, for young children that cannot even read to play along and learn, even for Grandma’s kitchen table.

Constitution Quest is a beautiful and eye catching NON PARTISAN game made right here in our home state of Indiana.

What’s your Constitutional IQ?

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