Is Homeschooling in Danger of Federal Oversight?

Our friends at Texas Home School Coalition have an excellent blog post that brings clarity to the current confusion related to S. 306.  This federal ESA does not give a family government money, unlike state ESAs that accompany increased regulations due to the associated taxpayer funding.  IAHE will keep a watchful eye for any attempt to increase regulations for Indiana homeschoolers associated with ESAs.


Is Home Schooling in Danger of Federal Oversight?
5 FAQs About How S. 306 Impacts Home Schools

Recently THSC has received many questions about S. 306 (EEOSA), the school choice bill by Senators Mike Lee (Utah) and Ted Cruz (TX). In light of these questions it is important to take a close look at what this bill does and to provide answers to some of the common questions home school families are asking.

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