Why IAHE Action?

In recent years, Indiana Association of Home Educators has observed increased threats to parental and home education rights. The threats have been seen in various forms. Christian home education is particularly egregious to many who oppose homeschooling. WEBSITE RGB Action Logo 400x400

As IAHE assessed these threats, they felt like the time had come to commence a new sister organization that is better prepared to meet these needs. Indiana Association of Home Educators Action 501(c)4 was founded to support the mission of the IAHE (c)3 and to act as its lobbying arm. IAHE Action has greater flexibility than the 501(c)3 and is able to perform unlimited lobbying and limited political work.

It is our desire that all Indiana home educators receive legislative updates in order to protect our freedom. As the majority of advocacy transitions from IAHE to IAHE Action, legislative updates will come from Action. Be sure to sign up here to receive our legislative updates.  IAHE Action will also provide a forum that permits posts that IAHE does not.  We are all in this together to protect Indiana home education freedom!

Please share this information with those who value home education freedom.

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3 thoughts on “Why IAHE Action?”

  1. Thank you!
    There is such a demand for forced freedoms in so many areas these days. Why are they forced? It is because they are areas intuitively known not to be natural rights to be protected, but only among the twist to set rights giving and taking in the hand, nay the iron fist, of the government; Washington has been quoted, “Government is not reason… it is force.”

    Parents raising and teaching their own children is natural, and, in flow of the forementioned trend, is in need of vocal proponents, even if to simply ask thinking citizens to stop falling in step and, well, think with a desire toward truth.

    1. Absolutely, Kim. Indiana home educators are standing on the front lines in the battle for freedom. This issue has given IAHE Action a platform to discuss why home education freedom is important. Thank you for standing with us.

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